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Bibliographic examples

Provide as much information as possible. Limit punctuation marks (e.g. after date of publication as this does not display well on screen), do not abbreviate journal titles, include DOIs wherever they are known.

Journal articles

Author name(s) Year 'Article title', Publication (in italics) Vol No(in bold), page nos.

e.g. Davidson, C. 2000 'The signs of Doomsday in drama and art', Historical Reflections 26(2), 223-45.

Article in edited volume/proceedings

Author name(s) Year 'Article title' in Editor name(s) Publication (in italics). Place of publication: publisher, page nos.

e.g. Newman, C. 2011 'The sacral landscape of Tara: a preliminary exploration' in R. Schot, C. Newman and E. Breathnach (eds) Landscapes of Cult and Kingship. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 22-43.

e.g. Miller, P. and Richards, J. 1995 'The good, the bad and the downright misleading: archaeological adoption of computer visualization' in J. Huggett and N. Ryan (eds) Proceedings of the 22nd CAA Conference, Glasgow, 1994, British Archaeological Reports Int. Ser. 600. Oxford: Archaeopress, 19-22.


Author name(s) Year Publication (in italics), Place of publication: publisher.

e.g. Morriss, R.K. 2000 The Archaeology of Buildings, Stroud: Tempus.

Electronic sources

With doi
e.g. Bradley R. 2006 'Bridging the Two Cultures - Commercial Archaeology and the Study of Prehistoric Britain', The Antiquaries Journal 86, 1-13. http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0003581500000032

Without doi
e.g. J. Lewis-Williams and D.G. Pearce 2012 'The southern San and the trance dance: a pivotal debate in the interpretation of San rock paintings', Antiquity 86, 696-706. Available http://antiquity.ac.uk/ant/086/ant0860696.htm Last accessed: 23 May 2013.

In text citations

(Ashby 2011, 2012a, 2012b; Giles et al. 2012;...)


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