Figure 82: Samson Strong's Cottage Street pipe factory, Leeds (York Castle Museum).

The photograph of Samson Strong's Cottage Street pipe works in Leeds (Figure 82) is reproduced from a glass lantern slide courtesy of York Castle Museum. The chimney presumably served the kiln now on display in the Abbey House Museum, Kirkstall (see plan, Figure 64). The single storey workshop, reminiscent of those from Rainford, is dwarfed by a later factory building. The brick chimney rising 7.1 metres (23 feet 8 inches) above the pipe shop roof is 0.59 metres (2 feet) square at the base and 0.47 metres (1 foot 7 inches) at the top. The top of the chimney discharges at about the same level as the crests of the adjoining factory roof.


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