Figure 74: Plans submitted in 1880 for Daft's new factory at Burton Street, Nottingham.
Nottinghamshire Archives, Nottingham Borough Buildings Control Plan (CA PL, 10 Sept 1880). Reproduced by permission of the Principal Archivist.

On 2 September 1880 plans were submitted by J C Gilbert, Architect, on behalf of the proprietor John Daft, pipe maker, for the erection of a small pipe manufactory in Burton Street, Nottingham. These plans were submitted to comply with an 1870 By-Law. The plans are much more professionally drawn and clearly show the workshop, WC, stable with fodder and harness store and tub closet together with all required drainage. The workshop is again two storey with a rectangular kiln on the ground floor with chimney passing through the first floor and roof space extending 2.13 metres (7 feet) above the roof crest. The kiln is 1.37 metres (4 feet 6 inches) in width, 1.67 metres (5 feet 6 inches) in depth and 2.7 metres (9 feet) in height. The chimney extends 6.7 metres (22 feet) above the top of the kiln, and is of square plan measuring 0.83 metres (2 feet 9 inches) externally and 0.38 metres (1 feet 3 inches) internally. The overall height from the ground to the top of the chimney is 9.4 metres (31 feet). (Figure 74)


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