Stamford, Lincolnshire

Figure 73: Plans submitted in 1873 for Longstaff's new factory at Elm Street, Stamford
Reproduced by permission of the Town Clerk, Stamford Town Council

In 1873 plans drawn up by T B Corby for George Longstaff were submitted to the Town Council of Stamford, Lincolnshire. These plans are for a two storey workshop and kiln situated at 15 Elm Street. The kiln is shown in plan as a circular structure, 1.68 metres in diameter (5 feet 6 inches), straddling the rear wall of the ground floor, half inside the workshop and half outside. On the plan of the first floor the kiln is shown offset now within the main walls. These two plans do not seem to be compatible. On the elevation the tapering chimney is shown extending 0.9-1.2 metres (3 to 4 feet) above the crest of the roof. The overall height of the kiln from ground level to top of chimney is 7.62 metres (25 feet). The plans were passed subject to confirmation by the Town Council on 10th March 1873. This presumably means that a planning sub-committee passed the plans and that the Town Council would automatically ratify its decision. Due to changes within the council during the seventies, when records were moved at least twice, this document is not to hand at present. The accompanying illustration is touched up from a poor photocopy made in the early seventies (Figure 73).


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