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ABCD: 1323

Gussage All Saints 72 Gussage All Saints

Site code:

Site details:
Location: Gussage All Saints 72, Gussage All Saints, 1979, Dorset, England ST998101
Period: Iron Age
Category: settlement
Notes: a very poor report!
Topography: lowland
Condition: dry
Report type: individual identifications

Evans A and Jones M. 1979. The plant remains. 172-5. In: Wainwright G (ed.). Gussage All Saints: An Iron Age settlement in Dorset. London: HMSO. England, Dorset

Processed by
AME - Evans, A M: (1979)

MKJ - Jones, Martin K: Oxford Univ; Durham Univ; Cambridge Univ

Sample: 1323a
Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
PH.IA Phases 1,2 feature fills nr Iron Age ? ?

Context integrity: 1
Context preservation: bu
Dating method: nr
Dating validity: 1
Environmental interpretion: a very poor report
Archaeological interpretion: -

Taxa name Part Preservation Problem code Quantity Abundance
Agrostemma githago pro c Q + 1
Atriplex sp. pro c D1 + 1
Avena sp. pro c !Q + 1
Brassica sp. pro c PQ + 1
Bromus sp. pro c PQ + 1
cf. Lens culinaris pro c DQ + 1
Hordeum vulgare chf c Q! + 1
Hordeum vulgare pro c Q! + 1
Leguminosae pro c Q + 1
Lithospermum arvense pro c Q + 1
Rumex sp. pro c D2 + 1
Triticum aestivo-compactum pro c TQ + 1
Triticum spelta pro c Q + 1
Triticum spelta spk c Q + 1
Vicia cf. tetrasperma pro c Q + 1
Vicia faba var. minor pro c Q 2 1

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