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ABCD: 1422

Low Ham Chew Valley, nr Bristol

Site code:

Site details:
Location: Low Ham, Chew Valley, nr Bristol, 1977, Avon, England ST430290
Period: Roman
Category: villa
Notes: well fill published in Chew Valley book
Topography: lowland
Condition: dry
Report type: charcoal/wood

Anon (Godwin?). 1977. Low Ham Well Somerset, remains of trees and woody shrubs. Table XXV. 368. In: Rahtz P A and Greenfield E. Excavations at Chew Valley Lake, Somerset. London: HMSO. England, Avon

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Sample: 1422a

Taxa name Part Preservation Problem code Quantity Abundance
Alnus glutinosa wwd w p 1
Betula sp. wwd w p 1
cf. Alnus sp. wwd w p 1
cf. Corylus sp. wwd w Q2 m 1
cf. Fagus sylvatica wwd w 1 1
cf. Populus/Salix sp. wwd w 2 1
cf. Quercus sp. wwd w 1 1
Corylus avellana nts w 9 1
Crataegus monogyna pro w 1 1
Crataegus sp. wwd w 1 1
Fraxinus excelsior wwd w 7 1
Juglans regia nts w Q a 1
Malus/Pyrus sp. wwd w 2 1
Pinus pinea con w ! 2 1
Populus/Salix sp. wwd w 5 1
Prunus domestica pro w 10 1
Prunus spinosa pro w 2 1
Quercus sp. wwd w 16 1

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