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ABCD: 1634

Bishops Court Dorchester

Site code:

Site details:
Location: Bishops Court, Dorchester, 1981, Dorset, England SU571939
Period: Saxon 5-6th AD
Category: well
Notes: not a full report
Topography: gravel river terrace
Condition: waterlogged
Report type: cereal grain

[?Macphail] Jones M and Dimbleby G. 1981. The Environment of Man: the Iron Age to the Anglo-Saxon Period. BAR BS 87. England, Dorset

Processed by
MR - Robinson, Mark: Oxford Univ

Sample: 1634a
Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
PR.SE.ES nr well fill nr Saxon 400 600

Context integrity: 2
Context preservation: bu
Dating method: pot
Dating validity: 2
Environmental interpretion: flax and barley
Archaeological interpretion: wattle lined well

Taxa name Part Preservation Problem code Quantity Abundance
Hordeum vulgare pro c Q p 1
Linum usitatissimum pro c Q p 1
Triticum aestivo-compactum pro c Z 1 1

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