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ABCD: cf. Euonymus europaeus

cf. Euonymus europaeus



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Site no Site Location Date Period
1356 Chilbolton 86 Andover/Winchester, Hampshire, England 1990 Beaker
Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1356a PH.NE:BA.BE com burial deposits chalky soils Beaker -2470 -1940
1752 Gloucester Castle 83-4 Gloucester (28-32 Commercial Rd), Gloucestershire, England 1988 late Roman to 6th/11th c.
Sample Period
1752a RO.
1342 Marlborough Grange 67 Llanblethian, nr Cowbridge, Glamorgan (W, M & S), Wales 1968 Early Iron Age - Bronze Age
Sample Period
1342a PH.BA:IA.BI

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