Acknowledgements and later work

The excavations were funded by the then Department of the Environment as part of a programme of rescue excavations in Wiltshire towns, under the auspices of the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society. My thanks are due to the supervisors and staff of the excavation who made it all possible, in spite of the hot weather.

All the excavation records and finds are deposited at Devizes Museum. Conservation Reports on finds from the 1975 excavations have been prepared by the Wiltshire County Council Conservation Lab. (1982 and 1992), and are deposited in Cricklade Museum. Earlier records, in particular F.T. Wainwright's notes, drawings and photographs, are also kept at the Museum. I am grateful to Mike Stone, previously Curator, for allowing me unhindered access to these early records, and latterly to Robin Howard-Binks for his help in guiding me to sources, and for allowing the publication of photos and drawings relating to the previous excavations, as well as the plan of Cricklade of c. 1770.

Several excavations have taken place on sites within Cricklade in the period since 1975 (see Philips 1993; 1997; 1999) - all of them watching briefs on construction sites. None of these appeared to provide further information relevant to the early development of the late Saxon town, though some fragments of middle Saxon pottery were found at Abingdon Court Farm in the north-east quarter (Philips 1993). Another excavation took place on the line of the western defences prior to the extension of the cemetery (Harding and Newman 1990). Further updated information is contained in the recent contribution to The Archaeology of Wiltshire's Towns - an extended urban survey: Cricklade (April 2000) by the Wiltshire County Archaeology Service. Up-to-date records of finds in the area are contained in the Sites and Monuments Record, maintained by the same organisation.

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