All trenches mentioned in this section are marked for the first time on a single plan (Figure 6). This is based on a large plan by Wainwright which shows most of the trenches plotted onto a copy of the 1:1250 OS plan of the town. This was made possible by extensive triangulation within the town whose accuracy there is no reason to doubt. (I have examined and traced this plan at Cricklade Museum around 1990, but it can no longer be found.) The numbering of trenches and sections is the same as that used by Radford in his report of 1972, which follows the numbering by the original excavators. (The positions shown by Radford of some of the trenches, in particular those on the south-west corner and west sides, are not correctly plotted, and have been corrected here.)

All of Wainwright's records were examined in detail, and his evidence and observations compared with those of Radford, as well as being reinterpreted in the light of evidence gained from the 1975 excavations. The material, originally deposited in Cricklade Museum, is now housed at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum at Devizes.

References to page numbers in this section refer to Radford's report (1972). Although Wainwright's original drawn sections and plans are sometimes rather sketchy, and often drawn by his students, Radford usually represents these faithfully in his published drawings, and they allow an independent assessment of the stratigraphy which is not determined or constrained by Wainwright's - or Radford's - interpretations. This is not however the case with Radford's records of his own excavations on the south-west corner.

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