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Intra-mural walkway in corner of the defences.
Image: B-A2-20
Location: Site B, Area 2
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Aspect: View looking W
The intra-mural walkway in the south-west corner of the defences, in course of excavation (later state than that shown in photo 2/21). The inside edge of the western bank runs beyond the stones, top, and turns (east) to the left of the ranging pole. The walkway is cut by modern disturbance, bottom left, and by a recent field drain (the black scar). The spread of stones towards the bottom right-hand corner - some of them large - is from the destruction in period 3A of an inferred wall at the crest of the bank. (See a view from the north in photo 2/22, and details in 2/17 and 2/18.)