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Section across the front of the bank and deposits on the berm, including the ditch (period 4)
Image: B-A2-35
Location: Site B, Area 2, south defences, Drawn as section 4
Plan of Saxon features | Plan of Medieval features | Plan of Site B
Aspect: View looking NE
A long view of a section through the clay bank (top left), berm and inner ditch (bottom right). For a detailed description see photo 2/25. For an oblique view looking from the other direction, see photo 2/27. Some of the stones forming part of a tip line in the destruction deposits of period 3 are shown on the other side of the trench to the section - centre left. The inner ditch, marked by the vertical ranging pole, which would be expected to have been filled with the stones from the destruction of the wall, has here been re-excavated and filled with dark material in period 4.