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Area 3, the stone wall and berm excavated.
Image: B-A3-8
Location: Site B, Area 3
Plan of Saxon features | Plan of Medieval features | Plan of Site B
Aspect: View looking S
The front of the clay bank (to the left) with the lowest courses of the added stone wall still in situ. The second course, where preserved, is set back from the lowest by some 200mm (see detail in photo 3/9). The spread of stones on the berm in front of the wall, under the ranging pole, represent the remains of the destruction deposits of the wall of period 3, now much denuded. The stones along the centre of the wall have been removed by the lower part of the palisade trench of period 4, which ran along the line of the wall. A probable mortar-mixing pit on the berm is sectioned in the machine-cut trench in the foreground, adjacent to the spread of stones on the berm - see detail in photo 3/9. (See other views in photos 3/7 and 3/10. For the same view with the stones of the wall removed, see photo 3/13.)