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Figure 27: Medieval ditch. Section 4, Area 2
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Medieval ditch

Period 1 - The inner ditch, cleaned out on more than one occasion, its fill last removed in period 4. Its sides have become considerably eroded before being covered with the deposits of periods 2 and 3.
Period 2 - The ditch was probably cleaned out in periods 2A and 2C, and recut in period 4. Most of the erosion of the sides of the ditch probably occurred in period 2B. The lowest layer of stoney material on the berm [546] possibly represents erosion products from the wall (period 2B, or upcast from the cleaning of the ditch (period 2C).
Period 3 - Destruction products from the wall have been piled onto the berm [512], forming marked tip-lines of stones. These would have tipped into the ditch, but were probably removed in period 4. The development of dark soil over this deposit probably took place in the period of abandonment, period 3B.
Period 4 - The ditch has been recut from a higher level by a comparatively wide and shallow defensive ditch, and become filled with dark earthy clay [541]. This fill has itself been recut and filled [510].

Compare sections in similar positions in Figs 16, 18, 23, 33, 35.