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Figure 35: Inner Saxon ditch. Section 7, Area 3
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Inner Saxon ditch

Period 1 - The inner ditch has been cleaned out and probably deepened on more than one occasion, its fill cut into by the ditch of period 4.
Period 2 - The ditch was probably cleaned out in periods 2A and 2C, and recut in period 4. The survival of deposits of period 2A on the berm to the east (left), which continued into the ditch, suggests that the ditch was considerably deepened in period 2A. and then recut at a slightly higher level in period 2C.
Period 3 - The ditch has been partly filled with stones - some of them large - in period 3. This fill appears to be associated with similar deposits on the berm [614]. The ditch has subsequently become filled with various layers and lenses of earthy clay [622, 613] - period 3B.
Period 4 - The ditch has been recut from a higher level by a shallow defensive ditch [627], and become filled with dark earthy clay with stones from earlier deposits [619]. Unlike the ditch in section 6, this does not appear to have been recut.

Compare sections in similar positions in Figs 17, 23, 32