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Figure 41: Front of bank. Trench W.IX (N-S section, SE corner) (scale in feet)
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Trench W.IX (N-S section, SE corner)
Source: Radford 1972, fig. 6
Section of the front of the bank (to left) and deposits on the berm. The lowest front stone of the wall remains in situ within the fronting slot, which is partly filled with soil - itself probably derived from the process of the digging out of the front turf revetment.
In front of the wall (right) lies its destruction deposits of stones and mortar (period 3) lying on the inner berm. A spread of dark soil onto the berm could be interpreted as being either the remains of the subsoil, or as a deposit derived from the excavation of the front turf revetment when the wall was inserted into the front of the bank.