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Figure 42: Front of bank. Trench W.VI (North side, NW corner) (scale in feet)
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Trench W.VI (North side, NW corner)
Source: Radford 1972, fig. 2
Section of the front of the bank (to right), deposits on the berm and inner ditch. The position of the added wall is marked by the mortary destruction deposit (at 34). Behind (to the right of) this is what appears to be the clay packing, mixed here with stones, placed behing the wall during its construction. The thick layer of material from the destruction of the wall (period 3), containing large stones, is spread over the berm.
The destruction deposits slightly in frontof the line of the former wall appear to be cut through by a ditch, filled with dark earthy material, probably of period 4. This is itself cut by a modern ditch. It would seem that the dark material filling the round-bottomed ditch to the left occupies a cut into the deposits of period 3. This probably therefore represents a period 4 recut of an earlier (Saxon) ditch - which may well, as elsewhere, have been filled with stones from the destruction of the wall.