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Figure 44: Front of bank.
Trench W.XI (W side) (scale in feet)
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Trench W.XI (W side)
Source: Radford 1972, fig. 4
Section of the front of the bank (to left) with one stone of the added wall in situ at the base of a construction trench, which is partly filled with soil and a mortar layer. The construction trench has cut into the front of the bank (at 100). To the left of this is the original turf revetment of the bank - not an infill behind the wall, as interpreted by Radford. There appears - unusually - to be clay packing around the front of the wall.
In front of the wall (right) lies its destruction deposits of stones and mortar (period 3) lying on the inner berm, here containing large flat stones and showing tip-lines. This appears to lie over a layer of soil on the berm, which seems likely to have been derived from the process of digging out the front turf revetment of the bank to build the wall.