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Figure 46: Front of bank. Trench W.XIII (N-S section, N side, at NE corner) (scale in feet)
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Trench W.XIII (N-S section, N side, at NE corner)
Source: Radford 1972, fig. 4
Section of the front of the bank (to right), with 1-2 courses of stones of the added wall in situ. The front course is offset, forming a plinth. The soil-filled depression under the wall could be the result of the excavation of the front of the bank for the inserttion of the wall, filled with the soil from the front revetment, which also appears to have spilled out over the berm to the left.
The remains of the front revetment of the bank is shown to the left of the clay of the bank. This merges with a wedge of clay probably formed as packing behind the added wall (per 2) and over its lower rear course.
The destruction deposits from the wall appear to have been cut by a ditch of probably period 4, which runs off the section to the left. This does not appear to have been recognised as such by either Wainwright or Radford.