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Figure 47: Front of bank. Trench W.XX (N side, at NE corner, section E.10) (scale in feet)
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Trench W.XX (N side, at NE corner, section E.10)
Source: Radford 1972, fig. 4
Section of the front of the bank (to right), with 2-3 courses of stones of the added wall in situ. The front course is offset, forming a plinth, and is laid in a shallow trench. The remains of the front revetment of the bank, which is cut back with visible spade-marks, shows layers of turf interleaved with the clay of the bank. Between this and the line of the back of the wall a wedge of clay with stone packing at the base had been pressed against the back edge of the wall, but has slipped forward subsequently to the destruction of the wall.
In front and over the wall lies its destruction deposits of stones and mortar (period 3).
Cutting through this deposit is the beginnings of what appears to be a ditch disappearing into the section to the left, which could belong to period 4 (as in the 1975 excavations on the south side of the defences). This is not recognised as such by either Wainwright or Radford.