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Wareham excavations 1952-4. View showing 'robber trench' of wall, and spill of stones form its destruction.
Image: BB-72/3770 (National Monuments Record)
Location: Pit A, Wareham West Walls
Aspect: View looking S (ranging rod in feet)
View of the excavations of the western defences, showing the large blocks in the 'spill' from the destruction of the stone wall at the crest of the bank, tipping down the front slope of the bank to the right. The 'robber trench' of the wall, filled with stoney rubble, is in the centre, and to the left is part of the contemporary added bank behind the former wall.
All these layers are overlain by a homogeneous stoney earth deposit about 3ft (1m) in thickness, which may well represent the heightened bank of the 12th century (phase 4). This in turn is apparently cut by the 'rescarping', which can be interpreted as being associated with a relatively recent phase of remodelling the front of the bank.