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3.3. Other tasks

In addition to tasks identified in Table 2, chert flake tools were also used in a variety of other ways, both among the Wola and elsewhere in the highlands (Blackwood 1950; Hampton 1999; Pospisil 1963; Sillitoe 1988; Strathern 1969). Tasks included the following:

The list above shows how fundamentally important and integral flaked chert tools were to the Wola, even after the introduction of modern alternatives such as razor blades and steel knives. It is notable that the contribution chert tools make and their vital role in Wola life are not reflected in their perception of it.

Examining the wider use of raw materials, and the variety used in many of the items, illustrates how complex and elaborate their manufacture was. In fact, there is nothing, to our knowledge, that occurs naturally in the Wola region that was not employed by the Wola, either as food or as raw material.


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