Archive and Photographic Sources

The palaeochannels database is deposited with Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire County Council Sites and Monuments Records.

Photographic sources: sortie numbers (1970s): Aerofilms 7145 (Derbyshire), Fairey Surveys 7424 (Nottinghamshire), Huntsman Surveys HSL UK 69 (Leicestershire), HSL UK 71 (Lincolnshire), Meridian Airmaps 115/71, 133/71, 134/71 (Staffordshire), 36/76, 37/76, C9/76 (North Lincolnshire)

Photographic sources: sortie numbers (1940s): RAF/CPE/UK/2009, RAF/CPE/UK/2012, RAF/CPE/UK 2042, RAF/CPE/UK 2043, RAF/541/170, RAF/CPE/UK/2563, RAF/16/AC637, RAF/106G/UK/581, RAF/106G/UK/646, RAF/106G/UK/721, RAF/106G/UK/734, RAF/CPE/UK/1865, RAF/541/28, RAF/541/212, RAF/CPE/UK/2469, RAF/CPE/UK/2555 (English Heritage, National Monuments Record)


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