The Shala Valley Project

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Introduction [Show/Hide]

The authors would be interested to hear from readers about similar societies in other parts of the world.
  • Michael Galaty
  • 11-JAN-2010 at 12:29

Project Background [Show/Hide]

The use of electronic data capture devices in the field is a notable trend in archaeological fieldwork. What types of devices are other archaeologist readers using in their fieldwork? How do they improve the research experience? What data curation issues are you facing? What is your data curation strategy?
  • Charles Watkinson
  • 11-JAN-2010 at 14:00

The Natural and Social Settings [Show/Hide]

In this article, we define 'tribe' in the traditional anthropological sense of a lineage-based egalitarian or trans-egalitarian, segmentary socio-political formation. The term is, however, not without its detractors. We would welcome discussion from readers regarding its utility.
  • Michael Galaty
  • 11-JAN-2010 at 12:30

Iron Age [Show/Hide]

SVP Site 006, with its large terraces, is unique in Shala and, to the best of our knowledge, in Albania. We would be interested to learn of similar sites from elsewhere in Albania or the Balkans.
  • Michael Galaty
  • 11-JAN-2010 at 12:31

Neighbourhood creation and expansion [Show/Hide]

How do these changes in settlement pattern compare with other parts of Albania where collectivization was also enforced under Communism? The authors would be interested in observations from those working or living in other regions.
  • Michael Galaty
  • 11-JAN-2010 at 12:32


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