4.0 Iron Age Period

The Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age transition is a difficult period to define precisely in the archaeological record. Many sites relate to funerary evidence and are identified as being of the Khojali-Gedabey culture. The radiocarbon dates for the cemetery sites of Zayamchai and Tovuzchai area spread over both periods, yet with little identified variation in the material culture. When dealing with settlement evidence, it is harder to identify the Early Iron Age elements due to the limited amounts of pottery present and material deposited from earlier and later periods of use. The sites discussed here are of the developed Iron Age period with little evidence of earlier trends.


Hajialili I | Seyidlar | Asrikchai | Poylu II

Burial/Cemetery sites

Narimankand | Zayamchai Catacomb | Soyugbulag

Iron Age sites - clickable map

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