This site was identified early in 2004 during topsoil stripping for the BTC pipeline and was followed by excavation in both pipe trenches. Following topsoil removal, an area of dark, pottery-rich soil, was identified that defines the limits of the settlement.

The BTC trench revealed a number of burnt soil features and tendir oven cooking places within this soil matrix, which extended over a 60m length. The SCP trench, in contrast, was more limited in extent, but of much greater density. The main feature in the SCP trench was a hollow about 6m wide, within which were many hearths and tendirs representing an activity area. There was possible evidence of a timber-roofed structure over the area.

Pottery from the site contains a high proportion of glazed decorated ware, some of which had been imported from Iran. The site is interpreted as being of the 9th to the 12th century period.


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