An Atlas of Medieval Combs from Northern Europe

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A most useful article
  • Leif Jonsson
  • 07-OCT-2011 at 13:38
Thanks for this. I'll try to keep it updated with new material I come across, and hope others will too!
  • Steve Ashby
  • 19-DEC-2011 at 17:24
This is great stuff - very useful indeed. Combs remain and will grow as a crucial aspect of research in early medieval Europe.
  • Howard Williams
  • 30-JAN-2012 at 12:26
As discussed in my email Steve, I would like to use this information as the basis for a network analysis, based on commonalities of the comb types between sites. This looks to be a useful collection of information for this kind of analysis.
  • Keith Schoples
  • 10-MAR-2012 at 17:08
Hi Steve - rather late in the day, I've had a trawl through the paper and think it is great - valuable for research and a very interesting model which could be taken up with other materials. One question that occurs is how the atlas might be built or extended, The comments facility is something that has great potential, but I wondered about the options that existed for adding new data, shifting to closer scales of resolution, and the linking of the atlas to other sources etc... The comments section makes it a forum; are there ways in which the use of that forum might be extended?
  • mark edmonds
  • 22-OCT-2012 at 15:26

2 more comments in thread...

The Baltic States [Show/Hide]

For Latvia, see also:

Tilko, Silvija 2011. Kaula kemmes no Daugavas lejteces kapulaukijem. [Bone combs from the 10th-13th century cemeteries of the lower Daugava area, with English Summary]. - Archaeologija un Etnografij 25: 159-181.

Thanks to Dr Heidi Luik for this update.
  • Steve Ashby
  • 17-APR-2012 at 17:09

East Midlands and East Anglia [Show/Hide]

Any information regarding recently excavated comb material (or manufacturing waste) from the East Midlands (particularly the 'Five Borough' towns) would be of great interest to the author.
  • Steve Ashby
  • 28-SEP-2011 at 01:32

Ireland [Show/Hide]

I suggest adding a facebook like button for the blog!
  • Cindy
  • 29-NOV-2011 at 06:52
That's a nice idea, though I'm not sure how easy it is to do. We'll see! In the meantime, please do encourage any colleagues to post any updates they might have on here.
  • Steve Ashby
  • 19-DEC-2011 at 17:26

London and south-eastern England [Show/Hide]

I find this whole subjuect completely fascinating but is there a Ian Riddler comb book out there? I have read many articles by this man,which are well written and bring the subject to life but cannot find details of the book he must have written. Any help? Thanks
  • Ted Bossom
  • 03-MAR-2012 at 22:25

Northern France [Show/Hide]

Further information on the combs of tenth- to twelfth-century northern France would be of great interest. I would be particularly pleased to hear about any further Type 4 combs from the region, where they have been identified.
  • Steve Ashby
  • 28-SEP-2011 at 01:35

Northumberland [Show/Hide]

The apparent scarcity of diagnostically Viking-Age combs in Northumberland (relative to Yorkshire) is striking. I would thus particularly welcome information regarding any relevant finde from the region.
  • Steve Ashby
  • 28-SEP-2011 at 01:30

Norway [Show/Hide]

There are, of course, considerable numbers of combs from graves in Norway. Mapping these sites would be a major undertaking, and is beyond the scope of this review. Thus, the map above simply identifies some of the key collections and better-known examples. I would appreciate information regarding recently excavated material from both burial and settlement sites.
  • Steve Ashby
  • 28-SEP-2011 at 01:26


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