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Table 4. Animal bone preservation and treatment comparisons: well and site wide assemblages
For the size, condition and erosion index, values closer to 1.0 indicate more complete or better preserved bones
Pre-Roman site Early Roman site Third to early fourth century Late fourth century -Contemporary with well Well
Size index 0.21 0.20 0.21 0.21 0.35
Condition index 0.90 0.94 0.88 0.78 1.00
Erosion index 0.84 0.89 0.87 0.82 0.99
% butchered 0.63 2.22 2.35 1.84 15.34
% gnawed 3.16 2.22 2.94 2.37 1.50
% burnt 51.27 4.44 0.20 1.27 0.09

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