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Issue 34


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Editorial - Judith Winters

Submitted: July 2013 ; Published: July 2013
Words: 439 (5KB); Images: 2 (93KB)
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Storing up Problems: Labour, Storage, and the Rural Peloponnese - Daniel R. Stewart

Submitted: February 2013; Published: July 2013
Words: 10277 (147KB); Images: 4(444KB)
Summary | Table of Contents

Time and a Place: A luni-solar 'time-reckoner' from 8th millennium BC Scotland - Vincent Gaffney, Simon Fitch, Eleanor Ramsey, Ron Yorston, Eugene Ch'ng, Eamonn Baldwin, Richard Bates, Christopher Gaffney, Clive Ruggles, Tom Sparrow, Anneley McMillan, Dave Cowley, Shannon Fraser, Charles Murray, Hilary Murray, Emma Hopla and Andy Howard New!

Submitted: June 2013; Published: July 2013
Words: 10050 (117KB); Images: 20 (5MB); Animations/Visualisations: 3 (73MB)
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A Late Roman Well at Heslington East, York: ritual or routine practices? - Steve Roskams, Cath Neal, Jane Richardson and Ruth Leary

Submitted: February 2013; Published: July 2013
Words: 18909 (154KB); Images: 9 (2MB); Digital Archive
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Being a Modern Human: essentialist and hierarchical approaches to the emergence of 'modern human behaviour' - Terry Hopkinson

Submitted: February 2013; Published: June 2013
Words: 19420 (163KB); Images: 6 (548KB)
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'A Sea of Small Boats': places and practices on the prehistoric seascape of western Britain - Gary Robinson

Submitted: December 2012; Published: May 2013
Words: 38918 (324KB); Images: 22 (6MB); Animations: 2 (1.8MB)
Summary | Table of Contents


Review of Tour of the Nile [iPad App] - Helen Strudwick

Full text. Published July 2013.

Review of Least Cost Analysis of Social Landscapes. Archaeological Case Studies [Book] - Irmela Herzog

Full text. Published July 2013.


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