Fieldwork took place in two campaigns, from the 11-15 April 2011 and 2-6 April 2012. The investigations were undertaken in collaboration between the University of York Department of Archaeology, Vesthimmerlands Museum, and with assistance from Aalborg Museum. The authors of this report would like to give their warmest thanks to Bjarne H. Nielsen and Simon Kjær Nielsen, Vesthimmerlands Museum, Jan E. Slot-Carlsen, Aalborg Museum, all of whom contributed extensively to the fieldwork; Regitze Johnsen, Aggersborggård, for generously allowing access to the private lands surrounded the fortress, including the manor house gardens and flowerbeds; Peter Aherne, Sarah Croix, Frida E. Norstein, and Else Roesdahl who took part in the surveys; and to members of Thy-Mors detector club for assistance in clearing iron parts from the surveyed fields and elucidating the nature of anomalies encountered.