Figure 5: Procedures involved in the collection of E. ferox nuts, Madhubani District, Bihar, India; (A) General view of men of the fishing community involved in the gathering of E. ferox (Makhana) nuts; note one type of collecting basket in the background; (B) Close-up of E. ferox, showing the flower and characteristic leaves; (C) View of a diver manipulating a bamboo pole that aids in demarcating areas selected for underwater gathering of E. ferox nuts; (D) Diver surfacing after gathering E. ferox nuts using a special type of basket (Gaanja), with an aluminum pot also used for collection; (E) Adolescent boy collecting stray nuts that rise to the water surface from the pond bed during collection; (F) Divers (underwater) manipulating a large basket (Auka) in which nuts are collected. Note the two hands at the edge of the basket. (Image credit: authors)
Figure 5

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