List of Tables

Table 1: Nuts and shell fragments of E. ferox and T. natans at GBY (updated from previous work). Apart from layers/levels noted below, pitted stones (without botanical remains) were also found in Layer V-4: N=1; Layer V-5: N=4; Jordan Bank (Layers V-5 and V-6 excavated together under water): N=7+2 anvils; Layer II-6 Level 4b: N=26+2 anvils.

Table 2: Common aquatic taxa from the Upper Jordan Valley (Lake Hula) (Danin 2004), the Acheulian site of GBY and Bihar (India) (Melamed 2003; Melamed et al. 2011). Data on fish from Goren and Ortal 1999; Zohar and Biton 2011; Montana et al. 2011. In Bihar, 35 species have a high commercial value, among which Cyprinidae and Clariidae predominate, as well as Balitoridae. The richness of native fish species here is very high (>260 species), thus differing from that of Lake Hula, similarities being at the family level (Cyprinidae predominate in both Bihar and GBY).

Table 3: Edible species reported from GBY, including details of parts that can be consumed.