I am most grateful to the various museum curators, stores managers and other archaeologists who have allowed me to handle material. These include: Esther Cameron, then of the Oxfordshire Museums Resource Centre, and Brian Clarke who is a volunteer there. Searching their archives produced a mass of extra data on the many sites of interest to me; Tim Peston of the Castle Museum, Norwich, for access to material from Caistor St Edmund, Burgh Castle and Caister-on-Sea; The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge, for access to the pottery from the Castle Hill excavations; Sara Taylor, then of the Hertford Museum, for access to Bernard Barr’s archive and letting me cast the stamped sherds; Alison Roberts of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, for access to material from the Littlemoor Science Park; The Cambridge Archaeological Unit for access to the Earith and Linford pottery; Chris Lydamore of Harlow Museum for showing me the ‘Romano-Saxon’ material from the various sites; Paul Cheetham of the University of Bournemouth who consulted me about the Winterborne Kingston bowl; Ron Morley of Lakenheath, Suffolk, who showed me his pottery finds from Beck Row.

My grateful thanks to Professor Warwick Rodwell for his permission to reproduce an illustration from his 1978 monograph. Lastly I must thank Professor Clive Orton, my supervisor, who has guided me through the intricacies of statistics and never allowed me to get away with an easy answer. I should never have completed my research without him.