Figure 45: Montage of miscellany and waste.

Miscellany and waste: a & b pipe wasters; c thick sheet dimpled with bowl mouth impressions; d dottles and stem trimmings.

a - Pipe bowls displaying transverse squatting from Waterford, Arundel Square. 1750-1800

b - Pipe bowls displaying transverse squatting from St Albans, Holywell Hill. 1680-1730

c - Dimpled sheet from Waterford, Arundel Square. 1750-1800. Built up from a number of sheets of clay spread on an open weave fabric with bowl mouth impressions on one side only. The reverse is discoloured by fire. Two pieces of similar material are recorded from Portsmouth, Oyster Street - 1660-1700.

d - Top, three examples of dottle, formed at the head of the wire as it was threaded through the stem forming the bore. Below, three trimming fragments formed when a tool was drawn along the stem seam to remove it. All from Leicester, Causeway Lane, c. 1810.