Figure 47: Wicket slabs, damper plate and plugs.

a - Wicket slab with possible spy hole notch from Stamford, North Street. Fabric - white clay matrix with a high percentage of recognisable trimmings including mouth piece stem ends recording a narrower tapered tail beyond the trimming point. 1847-96

b - Small shaped door with abraded spy hole from Boston, Rosegarth Street. Fabric - white clay matrix with ferruginous mineral and self coloured grog inclusions. Mid 19th century.

c - Damper plate with raised rib [possibly a handle] from Winchester, St John Street. Fabric - white clay matrix with mineral inclusions together with pipe trimmings and voiding from combusted organic material. 1800-50

d - Two plugs from Lewes, Pipe Passage. The central zone has a black carbon deposit over the surface whilst the upper part has pink coloured fire discoloration. Fabric - white clay. 1830-70