Figure 50: Two kilns at Arcadia Buildings, Southwark.

Excavated in 1977-9 by Martin Dean for the Southwark and Lambeth Archaeological Excavation Committee. A 1:20 plan, showing two kilns and associated pits, was published by the present author in 1982 (Peacey 1982, 4). The figure is redrawn from the published plan to include minor adjustments taken from the photographic record in the possession of this author. This record consists of four black and white photographs together with sixteen colour transparencies. Additional photographic material is in the keeping of the Museum of London. Pipe reinforced muffle material was recovered from the fill of both kilns. The pipes found in association with both kilns and present in both muffles are of Atkinson/Oswald Type 15 dated 1660-80 (Atkinson & Oswald 1969, 177-8). All are unmarked and cannot be attributed to a maker. The kiln at the top of the figure yielded muffle fragments with prop type buttresses whilst the one to the left contained bar type. The large pit to the lower right was used to store coal. Two circular stave lined pits to the south of this complex (Peacey 1982, Fig 1) were used to store white clay or slip. The bases of sandstone pillars which supported the muffles can be seen in both kilns. The lower kiln (left of figure) has surviving brick fire bars above the flue ash pit. These kilns plans conform to a pattern repeated in many of the following figures which have been drawn to a common alignment for comparison. The kilns are at the top of the figures with the stoking pit below. The two are connected by the flue ash pit which cuts through the kiln base on the same level as the stoking pit.