Figure 60: Kiln at Rosegarth Street, Boston.

Excavated in 1967-8 by P K Wells. There is a plan of the kiln in the workshop, scale 1:476, published in 1970 (Wells 1970, Fig 1 reproduced here as Figure 98). The photographic record made during the excavation consists of 18 black and white photographs and 34 colour transparencies. Although the published plan is accurate, additional information has been gleaned from the photographs and included in this figure. A pipe kiln is known to have been operating on this site from 1856 to 1919 (ibid, 21). The assemblage associated with this kiln includes both muffle and saggar fragments.

This kiln occupied a position within a building (see Figure 98). Note the timber edging to the stoking pit and step edges.