Figure 62: Plan of Hamilton's Kiln, Carlisle.

Excavated in 1982 by Jeff Taylor for the Carlisle Archaeological Unit. The site remains unpublished. The kiln base excavated is circular in plan with one fire mouth. A site plan at the scale of 1:10, two photographs and six transparencies, supplied by the excavator form the basis for the figure. The massive dimensions of the foundation suggest a tall bottle shaped chimney similar in appearance to the Broseley kilns of the Southorn family (see Figures 71 & 72). There is no evidence that this kiln ever contained a muffle. A large quantity of fragments from cylindrical saggars were recovered. The surviving structure is consistent with an updraught design. There are no intramural or subterranean flues. Samuel Hamilton is believed to have worked from c. 1854 to his death in 1885 (Taylor in litt 2 October 1992).