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ABCD: 1014

Dundurn 76-7 Crieff/Lochearnhead

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Site details:
Location: Dundurn 76-7, Crieff/Lochearnhead, 1989, Tayside, Scotland NN711232
Period: 7th C AD
Category: pictish stronghold/fort
Notes: possibly a ditch or hollow on edge of fort used as midden
Topography: craggy hill on valley side
Condition: waterlogged
Report type: macrofossil reports

Dickson J H and Brough D W. 1989. Biological studies of a Pictish midden 155-66. In: Korber-Grohne U (ed) 1989. Archaobotanik. Dissertationes Botanicae. 133. Scotland, Tayside

Processed by
CAD - Dickson, Camilla: Glasgow Univ (nee Lambert)

DB1 - Brough, D W: Dept Botany, Glasgow Univ

JHD - Dickson, Dr James: Glasgow Univ Botany Dept

Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1014a PR.SE.MS DN426 dump organic 7thcAD,Pictish 320 680
1014b ND DN110 nr nr 7thcAD,Pictish 320 680

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