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ABCD: 1193

Alsted 68-73 Netherne Wood, Mersham, Redhill

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Site details:
Location: Alsted 68-73, Netherne Wood, Mersham, Redhill, 1976, Surrey, England TQ293559
Period: 13th-14th C
Category: sub-manor house
Notes: charcoal from the house and iron working area
Topography: lowland chalk downs
Condition: dry
Report type: charcoal/wood

Western A C. 1976. Charcoals. 63-4. In: Ketteringham L L. Alsted: Excavation of a thirteenth-fourteenth centruy sub-manor house with its Ironworks in Netherne Wood, Mersham, Surrey, 1968-1973. Surrey Archaeol. Soc. Research Volume 2. 1-73. England, Surrey

Processed by
ACW - Western, A C: Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (1976)

Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1193a PR.MD.HM Site 2 ? nr medieval 1250 1350
1193b PR.MD.HM Site 3 P1& ? nr medieval 1250 1350
1193c PR.MD.HM Site 3 P3 ? nr medieval 1350 1400

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