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ABCD: 1244

Hartlepool 84-5 Church Close

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Site details:
Location: Hartlepool 84-5, Church Close, 1988, Cleveland, England NZ53
Period: Anglo-Saxon/7th-8thc - medieval
Category: monastry
Notes: material from boundary complex post pits 7thcAD
Topography: coastal headland
Condition: dry
Report type: individual identifications

Huntley J. 1988. The botanical remains. 201-2. In: Daniels R. The Anglo-Saxon Monastery at Church Close, Hartlepool, Cleveland. Archaeol. J. 145. 158-210. England, Cleveland

Processed by
JPH - Huntley, Jacqueline P: Durham Univ

Sample Period
1244a PR.SE.MS

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