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ABCD: 1252

Pond Cairn 37 nr Bridgend

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Site details:
Location: Pond Cairn 37, nr Bridgend, 1938, Glamorgan (W, M & S), Wales SS9079
Period: middle Bronze Age/Romano-British
Category: barrow and hearths
Notes: middle Bronze Age barrow and 2nd cAD Romano-British hearths
Topography: hillside 150'OD
Condition: dry
Report type: cereal grain

Hyde H A and Percival J. 1938. Appendix III Report on the seeds/cereals from Pond Cairn. 171-2. In: Fox C. 1938. Two Bronze Age Cairns in South Wales: Simondston and Pond Cairns, Coity Higher parish, Bridgend. Archaeologia. 87. 129-80. Wales, Glamorgan (W, M & S)

Processed by
HAH - Hyde, H A: Keeper of Botany Museum of Wales (1927)

Sample Period
1252a PH.BA.MB
1252b RO.RB

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