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ABCD: 1359

Stackpole Warren 77-9 nr Pembroke

Site code:

Site details:
Location: Stackpole Warren 77-9, nr Pembroke, 1990, Dyfed, Wales SR981950
Period: Mesolithic-roman
Category: settlement and cremation
Notes: poor preservation
Topography: coastal & calcareous blown sand
Condition: dry
Report type: macrofossil reports

Caseldine A E. 1990. Carbonised plant remains. 229. In: Benson D G, Evans J G, Williams G H, Darvill T and David A. Excavations at Stackpole Warren Dyfed. Proc. Prehist. Soc. 56. 179-245. Wales, Dyfed

Processed by
AEC - Caseldine, Astrid E: Univ of Wales, Lampeter

Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1359a PH.BA.EB com feature fills nr early Bronze Age -1760 -1260
1359b PH.NE:BA.BE 384, 447 post hole fills nr ?Beaker ? ?
1359c PH.BA.EB com house post hole fills nr early Bronze Age ? ?
1359d PH.BA.LB 313 99/100 cremation nr late Bronze Age -1320 -800

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