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ABCD: 1376

Wilderspool 74 Warrington

Site code:

Site details:
Location: Wilderspool 74, Warrington, 1977, Cheshire, England SJ
Period: early 2nd to mid 4th AD
Category: settlement
Notes: a series of circular & rectangular buildings & ditched enclosures
Topography: lowland
Condition: dry
Report type: individual identifications

Hillman G. 1992. Grain processing at 3rd century Wilderspool. 167-9. In: Hinchliffe J and Williams J H. 1992. Roman Warrington, excavations at Wilderspool 1966-9 and 1976. Brigantia Monographs Series No. 2. Dept. of Archaeology University of Manchester. England, Cheshire

Processed by
GCH - Hillman, G C: Cardiff; Institute of Archaeology London

Sample: 1376a
Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
RO.RN.LR nr dump nr Roman 200 300

Context integrity: 1
Context preservation: bu
Dating method: pot
Dating validity: 2
Environmental interpretion: dump of burnt chaff from spelt and rye
Archaeological interpretion: -

Taxa name Part Preservation Problem code Quantity Abundance
Bromus hordeaceus/secalinus pro c T f 3
Chenopodium album pro c Q o 3
Lolium sp. pro c Q f 3
Polygonum aviculare agg. pro c Q f 3
Rumex sp. pro c Q f 3
Secale cereale pro c Q1 f 3
Secale cereale rch c Q o 3
Sinapis arvensis pro c Q o 3
Triticum spelta glb c Q a 4
Triticum spelta pro c Q f 3
Triticum spelta spf c Q a 4

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