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ABCD: 1390

Sandal Castle 64-73 Wetherby/Leeds

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Site details:
Location: Sandal Castle 64-73, Wetherby/Leeds, 1980, West Yorkshire, England SE433418
Period: c. 1500-1600
Category: castle
Notes: pollen from 3 garderobes, macros too poorly presvd
Topography: lowland valley-side
Condition: dry
Report type: pollen

Smith M J, Hooper A P and Bartley D. 1983. An investigation of the garderobe deposits. 354-5. In: Mayes P and Butler L. Sandal Castle Excavations 1964-73. Wakefield Historical Publications. England, West Yorkshire

Processed by
APH - Hooper, A P: (1983)

DDB - Bartley, D D: Plant Sci. Leeds Univ (1976)

MS1 - Smith, M J: (1983)

Sample Period
1390a PR.PM.16
1390b PR.MD:PM.LM:16

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