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ABCD: 1393

Queen St Newcastle Newcastle upon Tyne (Quayside)

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Site details:
Location: Queen St Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne (Quayside), 1988, Tyne and Wear, England NZ255640
Period: 12th-19th c
Category: urban
Notes: -
Topography: riverside
Condition: dry
Report type: macrofossil reports

Nicholson R and Hall A R. 1988. The plant remains. 112-19. In: O'Brien C, Brown L, Dixon S and Nicholson R. The origins of the Newcastle Quayside. Excavations at Queen Street and Dog Bank. The Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, Monograph Series 3. England, Tyne and Wear

Processed by
ARH - Hall, Dr Allan: EAU, York Univ

RN - Nicholson, Rebecca: EAU, York/Bradford Univ

Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1393a PR.MD.HM Phase 1&2 accumulations organic medieval 1100 1300
1393b PR.MD.HM Phase 4 accumulation organic medieval 1250 1300
1393c PR.MD:PM.HM:LM:16:17 Phase 5 accumulation organic medieval 1350 1650

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