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ABCD: 1396

Borough High St (199) Southwark, London

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Site details:
Location: Borough High St (199), Southwark, London, 1988, Greater London, England TQ330780
Period: Roman-post med
Category: urban
Notes: 21 samples
Topography: lowland river floodplain
Condition: dry
Report type: macrofossil reports

Tyers I. 1988. Environmental evidence from Southwark and Lambeth. 443-77. In: Hinton P (ed.). Excavations in Southwark and Lambeth 1973-76. London and Middlesex Archaeol. Soc. and Surrey Archaeol. Soc. Joint Publication 3. [Borough High St (199)] England, Greater London

Processed by
GC - Cambell, Gillian: Glasgow/Oxford Univs

IT - Tyers, I: (London)

PH - Hinton, Pat: Sherborne, Dorset

RN - Nicholson, Rebecca: EAU, York/Bradford Univ

Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1396a RO.RN (5) ditch fill nr Roman - -
1396b RO.RN 73 well fill nr Roman - -
1396c RO.RN 156 pit fill nr Roman - -
1396d RO.RN 91, 94 dumping/levelling nr Roman - -
1396e PR.MD comb pit fills nr early-late medieval ? ?
1396f PR.PM comb pit fills ? post-medieval ? ?

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