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ABCD: 1410

Rowden 77-84 nr Dorchester

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Site details:
Location: Rowden 77-84, nr Dorchester, 1991, Dorset, England SY616891
Period: ?
Category: ?
Notes: ?
Topography: ?
Condition: dry
Report type: charcoal/wood

Carruthers W J and Thomas R. 1991. The charcoal indentifications, Rowden. 111-14. In: Woodward P J. The South Dorset Ridgeway Survey and Excavations 1977-84. Dorset Nat. Hist. Archaeol. Soc. Monograph 8. England, Dorset

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RT - Thomas, Richard:

WJC - Carruthers, Wendy J: AML

Sample Period
1410a PH.NE
1410b PH.BA
1410c PR.MD
1410d PR.MD

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