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ABCD: 1459

Lake Derravaragh 72 Clonova Island, Co. Westmeath

Site code:

Site details:
Location: Lake Derravaragh 72, Clonova Island, Co. Westmeath, 1972, West Meath, Ireland, Eire
Period: ultimate Larnian
Category: ?
Notes: ?
Topography: glacial valley with lake & bog eroded by
Condition: dry
Report type: macrofossil reports

Mitchell G F. 1972. Some ultimate Larnian sites at Lake Derravaragh, Co. Westmeath. J. Roy. Soc. Antiq. Ireland. 102. 160-73. Ireland, Eire, West Meath

Processed by
GFM - Mitchell, G F: Dept Quaternary Studies, Trinity Coll. Dublin

Sample: 1459a
Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
PH.? - debitage layer debitage associated Ultimate Larnian -3630 -3190

Context integrity: 3
Context preservation: wl
Dating method: C14
Dating validity: 3
Environmental interpretion: possible food plants esp the charred yellow water lily
Archaeological interpretion: flint knapping activity on the surface of fen peat

Taxa name Part Preservation Problem code Quantity Abundance
Carex cf. aquatilis pro w p 1
Corylus avellana pro c p 1
Corylus avellana pro w p 1
Nuphar lutea pro c T p 1
Nuphar lutea pro w T p 1
Ranunculus repens pro w p 1
Stachys palustris pro w p 1
Viburnum opulus pro w p 1

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