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ABCD: 150

Dinas Emrys 54-6 Beddgelert

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Site details:
Location: Dinas Emrys 54-6, Beddgelert, 1961, Gwynedd, Wales SH595495
Period: Iron Age/Romano-British/Dark Age
Category: hillfort
Notes: gradually infilling pool or cistern
Topography: rocky steepsided hilltop
Condition: dry
Report type: charcoal/wood

Hyde H A. 1960. Charcoal identifications. 33, 69. In: Savory H N. 1961. Excavations at Dinas Emrys, Beddgelert (Caerns.) 1954-56. Archaeol. Cambrensis. 109. 13-77. Wales, Gwynedd

Processed by
HAH - Hyde, H A: Keeper of Botany Museum of Wales (1927)


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